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UK Stretch Tent hire

Freestretch marquees are made to the very best quality and are 100% water-proof. Stretch tents are wonderfully versatile marquees that work in virtually any space. At Freestretch we pride ourselves on utilising the tent's fabric to it's full design potential, creating exactly the right shape for your event and venue.

What we do

Weddings, corporate events, garden parties or birthdays; our marquees have them covered and with multiple configurations we can personalise your celebrations, whilst offering an elegant and easy solution to marquee hire. Our marquees give guests a free-flow experience, allowing them to participate with their surroundings, whilst framing the site with a stunning example of architectural art.


Corporate events and PR launches are ideal for stretch tents. Whether it’s a single or a combination of tents we can create business receptions, refreshment areas and conference spaces, which allow a free flow of delegates, guests or customers across an entire site.

Private Parties

Having arranged a number of 21st birthday parties (messy), VIP after parties, a brace of 40th celebrations, two wakes and a christening, we can officially say stretch tents are becoming the preferred means of staging private parties.


As an exclusive wedding venue option our stretch tents can be combined to create amazing and truly unique wed-festivals. By working with couples we can mix and match any number of tents to create unique party spaces that are spread over a site. Suitable for 150+ our wed-fest packages allow guests to flow between the reception, the bar, the dining and the dance tents.